The tragic story of Harry Young is believed to be more of a rumored tale because of the great loss this man encountered before his death, but it is totally true.

Harry Young was a Black Farmer from Owensboro, Kentucky, who had a generational farm of 300 acres. Young applied for an operational loan for the amount of $80,000 but was denied due to technical reasons.

In the early 2000s, the USDA popped up out of nowhere and foreclosed on Young’s land for nonpayment of the loan that he was denied on in the 80s. Young spent years trying to prove that he never received the loan and he had the documented work to prove it, but the courts would not hear him out.

It is strongly believed that Young’s land was targeted because of the millions of dollars in coal reserves it had. Young was often approached to sell his land, but he often refused… Until local USDA authorities plotted against him to take the land themselves.

After spending years to get his land back, Young grew very tired and his health took a great toll on itself. Young passed in January of 2011, his land that generations of his family built was split and sold to local farmers in the area. The heirs of Young received NOTHING!!!

Black Farmers have lost over 6,000,000 (six million) acres of land over the years due to discriminative practices of the USDA. Join us on Saturday, March 13th, 2020, for a video chat with Black Farmer, Michael Stovall, to about his similar story that is currently occurring now with the USDA. Also learn about how more and more Black Farmers are continuing to be affected today, and how you can help by helping them maintain their land and/or help the heirs of decease farmers receive justice for their families’ losses.

Video Chat with Michael Stovall:

Below you can watch a three-part interview with Mr. Harry Young that was conducted by US Tragedy.