Misleading stories about misleading figures

Over this past weekend, we have learned that a deceiving figure in the Black farming community is trying to develop a feature film project that presents himself as the leading figure of the class action Pigford lawsuits.

Instead of helping his neighboring farming community, this individual has turned his back on many Black Farmers and has tried to capitalize on the hardships of aging and/or financially ruined Black Farmers.

On Saturday, March 13, 2020, join us on a live video chat with Black Farmer, Michael Stovall, as he tells the stories of the real leaders of class action Pigford lawsuit claims that helped him back in the 90s. Leaders such as James Meyers, Robert and Laverne Williams, and James Pigford himself. Also, hear Stovall’s current legal battle that he is experiencing today with the USDA, and how thousands of other Black Farmers are continuing to be affected as well.

Learn more about the legacy of Black Farmers, the loss of Black wealth over the years and how this all affects YOU!!!

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